Ways to Prevent Having a Lost Dog and How to Get Him Found

Members of the family aren’t just comprised of two-legged creatures nowadays. Many households have four-legged pets considered as little siblings or babies in the residence. Dogs, as we all know, have long been included as part of the family. They are well-provided for not only with food and shelter, but their medicines, toys, veterinary care, bathing with a Dallas mobile dog groomer, and even fashionable clothing are well taken care of.

With all the attention and affection that are given to them, it becomes a heartbreaking experience if they ended up missing and gone. Dogs are naturally curious and can wander off when let loose in the open fields. Some cute pooches may even end up being abducted by other people and kept as their own pets or sold in the black market to earn some cash. While these circumstances are unfortunate, it does happen. Luckily, there are ways for you to prevent the loss of your pet or have them tracked down and found in no time at all.

  • One of the ways to keep your dog safe is to have them on-leash when you are going out. Even if your dog is properly trained and he seems to be very obedient, there will be moments when he can ran off out of your sight. Dogs have in their nature to become predators and a wandering rabbit in the park may cause your dog to chase it off into the woods.
  • If you are highly tempted to let your dog off-leash and let him have a wild time running and exploring the grounds that you are in, you should consider having him fitted with a gps dog collar. This is extremely helpful especially if you bring your dog with you when you go hunting in the forest and he goes running deep into the thick brushes. You can have your dog quickly found with the help of this kind of dog tracking system.
  • Another way to make sure that your dog gets returned to you by other people or by animal control when they are found is to have him wear a dog collar with ID. Make sure that the collar is secure and wouldn’t easily slip off. And include pertinent details in the tag so people can call you when they get hold of your beloved pooch.
  • Finally, the best way to ensure that your dog won’t go missing is for you to be a responsible dog owner. This means supervising and keeping an eye on your dog at all times whenever you go out. Ensure that fences in your home are constructed at the right height which he can’t jump over and that there are no broken slats which he can crawl under or squeeze into. Make sure that your dog is secured on a leash whenever you open your car door or your gate at home.