The Top 5 Animal Portrait Painters in the US

Today, a number of animal lovers consider their pet their most treasured companion – bringing a whole new meaning to man’s best friend.

If you’ve ever contemplated paying for a professional animal portrait, you’re certainly not alone. There are several renowned artists that make a living painting professional animal portraits for clients from all walks of life, starting with:

  1. Emily Griffith: Griffith is a pet portrait artist that has a passion for animals, providing clients with hand painted custom art based on the representation of a pet’s photograph. She was voted the Best Animal Artist in 2010 by Atlanta Magazine and is the official painter of the University of Georgia’s mascot. Oil paintings start as low as $375 with pet notecards available for purchase at $25 for a set of 10.
  2. Pet Portraits by Deanna: Deanna is an artist that has been creating pet portraits since 2001 in oil paintings, as well as pencil drawings. Deanna was voted one of the best of the best in pet portrait artists by The Washingtonian Magazine. Her pencil portraits start at $250, up to $800 for a 14 x 18 oil portrait.
  3. Catherine Garneau: Garneau specializes in wildlife art, creating pet portraits in graphite pencil, colored pencil, and oil paintings. In addition to being a passionate artist, she is also a compassionate activist that supports environmental causes and animal rights. Custom portrait oil paintings are available for as little as $305 for a 10 x 10 painting with a $50 deposit.
  4. Eric Stewart: Eric Stewart is an acclaimed pet portrait oil painter and award-winning American artist. He began painting pet portraits from client photos as early as 1991 for display in both homes and offices. Most commonly, Stewart paints portraits of pets like horses, cats, and dogs for as little as $389 for an 8 x 10 portrait of a single subject.
  5. Leanne Wildermuth: Wildermuth is a pet portrait artist that provides custom oil paintings of dogs, cats, birds, frogs, and fish – as well as any other animal in nature. She is an award-winning photographer that has a passion for nature and is a current member of the League of Animal Artists. Wildermuth makes her oil portraits available for as little as $55 for a 4 x 4 painting or $35 for a graphite pencil drawing of the same size.


For many pet owners, working with a top pet portrait artist is a dream come true. Commissioning a pet portrait can serve as a valuable family keepsake to remember a special animal friend long after their passing.